Lightning Blue Mustang Registry
The Lightning Blue Mustang Registry is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company. All information presented here is sole responsibility of the Lightning Blue Mustang Registry. Ford Mustang is registered trademarks of the Ford Motor Company.
The Lightning Blue Mustang Registry was created to bring together all owners of the Lightning Blue color Mustangs. Lightning Blue came out on the Mustang from 2017-2018, and today is one of the more popular shades of blue to come out on the S550 Mustang.
The Lightning Blue Mustang Registry would like to give a special Thank You to these people:
Ryan Newman - He makes our LBMR decals!
Julia Sickafoose - She manages our LBMR merchandise!

Without them, our registry would not be what it is today!
Message from the founder of LBMR:

The Vision of LBMR

The vision of LBMR is simple, and very easy to understand. Communicate, share ideas, and always help promote the registry. Growth of the registry is in the administrations hands. Thru ideas, and hard work, LBMR has a lot of potential, and as the founder, I want to see just how far it carries the registry.

Last but not least, LBMR will, and always be a family oriented registry. From the very start, that's one thing I envisioned when starting LBMR. The LBMR family will always be a big part of LBMR. The friendships made within the registry is one thing that I will always be proud to be part of, and will forever cherish them. I expect my admin team, as well as, the LBMR members themselves, to carry themselves with pride when promoting the LBMR. Together, as one, LBMR will be one of the best color registries in the car, and Mustang community.